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Where can I find Amarillo gum disease treatment?

Did you know that the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in the US results from one of the easiest conditions to prevent? At the office of Derek Davis DDS, we provide advanced  care for the prevention and treatment of 79106 gum disease. Dr. Davis is highly skilled in a sweeping range of dental services, and has established a reputation for providing gentle and compassionate care. We welcome you and your loved ones to our state-of-the-art dental office, where we can help you establish and maintain the best possible oral health.

79106 gum disease

The development of 79106 gum disease is often due to inadequate oral hygiene practices. The dental plaque which naturally forms in our mouths is home to colonies of harmful bacteria that begin to migrate beneath the line of the gums when not consistently removed. At this early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, we can reverse the condition with a professional teeth cleaning and your commitment to brush and floss regularly thereafter. When the bacteria remains in the gums, it hardens into a rock-like substance called tartar, becoming increasingly difficult to remove over time. At our office, we provide more advanced periodontal treatments in the form of deep cleanings, to precisely remove any harmful bacteria from the gums. It’s important to treat gum disease as soon as possible, as when left unaddressed, it can result in the loss of teeth, as well as significant amounts of bone and gum tissue. With patient care and comfort as a top priority, we offer patients with dental anxiety the additional option of conscious sedation during procedures.

As your dentist, Dr. Davis encourages patients to visit our office every six months so that we can keep a close lookout for any sign of gum disease throughout the year. With a solid oral care regimen at home along with our professional oversight, we can spare you the challenges associated with 79106 gum disease. To schedule your next visit with us, call the office of Derek Davis DDS today!

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