Where can I get Amarillo Dental Implants?

Losing one or multiple teeth can present a variety of challenges which affect your day to day life. From the ability to eat a varied and nutritious diet, to speaking and smiling with confidence, our experienced dentist understands the difficulties associated with edentulism and offers a range of advanced treatment solutions to reestablish your smile. At the office of Derek Davis DDS, we’re proud to offer the finest quality custom bridgework, dentures, 7 and implant-retained prosthetics, so that our patients can benefit from the top options available today.

Amarillo Dental Implants

Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, there’s never been a better time to pursue replacements for missing teeth. With Amarillo dental implants, the most aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and well functioning results are possible. A dental implant consists of a surgical post that is inserted directly into the jawbone in a minor procedure. This post is fabricated with a special biocompatible material, designed to fuse to the bone directly over time. Extending upward to just above the gumline, dental implants can secure a custom crown or fixed prosthetic with unrivaled stability, and without involving the support of adjacent teeth. At the bone level, implants promote the health of your jaws, and help to retain the natural contours of your face. Above the gum line, implants are restored with the finest quality restorations, carefully designed to the shade, shape and proportions most suited to your smile. Unprecedented stability, healthy benefits to the jaw, and the ability to come closest to recreating the performance, appearance, and feeling of your natural teeth, are the many reasons why dental implants are one of the most popular treatment solutions for replacing missing teeth in dentistry today.

To learn more about the possibilities for your smile with Amarillo dental implants, plan on scheduling your next appointment at the office of Derek Davis DDS. To get started, call our helpful staff today!

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